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The Tracy Lane Foundation was started by Derek and Tracy Lane in the final stages of Tracy’s battle with cervical cancer. It was Tracy’s personal crusade to make sure this doesn’t happen to other young adults and made Derek promise to never stop spreading the word. To honor that wish, Derek set up a Board of Directors and filed with The IRS to become a recognized 501C3, a not-for-profit charitable organization. It has become our mission and passion to discover ways to help raise awareness to as many people as possible.

The TLF is so blessed to have Ramez Eskander, MD as our Medical Director and Rebecca Crane-Okada, PhD as our Foundation Coordinator. Dr. Eskander was Tracy’s geynecological oncologist and Dr. Crane-Okada was her nurse navigator, in charge of team communication. We are so blessed to have their expertise and they will help immensely in making a difference.

Other Board members are: Derek Lane, PGA (Husband), Judy Mayotte (Mother), Nancy Lane (Mother in law), Dr. Ivar and Janice Szper and Paul and Linda Porteous. With such a capable, talented group steering the TLF, great things are going to transpire – that we promise!

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